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Give the Gift of Presence: How to Improve Trust With Your Team and Clients

i was sitting in my physician’s office. she’d just finished an exam for reasons of my vertigo (fortuitously benign) and changed into rapidly typing her notes into the laptop.

a bit hesitantly, i said, “i forgot, i’ve another question”. she at once stopped typing, and swiveled her chair to face me, expectant. i asked my question, and after absolutely answering it, she turned lower back to the pc.

wow, i concept. that became an first rate instance of presence. i felt visible. i felt heard. i felt vital to her.

that sort of presence has alas turn out to be more rare inside the enterprise global, as we all feel pressed for time. we all have many tugs on our attention and time.

how regularly do you notice humans attending a meeting and rather than listening to the character speakme, they are staring at their laps? they have got tucked their phones out of sight and are busily texting.

because the speaker, how do you sense when you appearance out and notice people now not paying interest? how do you feel approximately people who are looking at you and listening actively?

our focused interest and engagement, our presence, impacts how people see us.

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the instances we spend collectively are an opportunity. like ralph waldo emerson, “what you do screams so loudly that i can not pay attention what you say”. it is no longer enough to inform someone they’re essential to you. you’ve got to show them.

while you choose to pay close interest when you’re with a person, you are sending a message that they’re important to you, that they are valued.

you construct trust and connection when you offer customers, crew contributors, providers, and colleagues the present of your presence. they recognise that they may be appreciated.

this sort of honest connection can’t be faked. it has to be sincere.

irrespective of what you have achieved before, you can change proper now, in an immediate. inside the subsequent interaction you’ve got, you can select to be absolutely gift.

as a pacesetter (and you are!), your presence lifts human beings up, leaving them feeling a touch bit higher about themselves.

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