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Tender Writing – Case Study 1

so what types of strategies can you put in region to maximise your chances with a tender? in this article i relay a actual case examine of a smooth we organized for a client and the processes we put in area to achieve success.

in this case our patron, a non earnings company on the sunshine coast in queensland, have become aware of a smooth opportunity regarding the supply of housing/accommodation for human beings with disabilities. at that degree my customer had no mind approximately delivering lodging services and turned into mainly completely a provider of support services for those with a disability in the nearby region of nambour. this posed a excellent trouble in my mind given the customer had no real revel in in constructing reason constructed lodging for people with a disability nor in handling this kind of facility. i was involved that given the gentle was open to commercial and non earnings entities that builders inside the area would have extra considerable budgets and perhaps greater experience in building accommodation facilities even as probably lacking in enjoy within the incapacity space.

my customer turned into eager to increase a suggestion in which they proposed a plan to build lodging for people with a bodily disability, however they did now not have any land on which to build the facility so basically have been operating from scratch. through my massive provide and tender writing enjoy i straight away diagnosed the want for the consumer to have an appropriate parcel of land which they could at worst display became able to be speedy acquired on which to construct the lodging facility. i recommended the customer to make overtures to a few citizens in an area near their existing carrier hub and offer each resident a price in extra of market fee and get in main settlement from the citizens to promote their residences ought to the purchaser win the tender.

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this became achieved quite very quickly with written in principal agreements being acquired. this “proved” that the client had the land to build on. i then strongly suggested to the purchaser that they need to build motive built lodging for those with a intellectual and bodily disability or fitness issue in place of simply physical disabilities. i undertook research to show that intellectual illness is a great issue in individuals who are homeless and was capable of garner a few big and astonishing data assisting this competition. i then undertook research to discover how accommodation can be constructed to satisfy the desires of people with a physical disability and/or those with a mental contamination. the purchaser then took this studies and changed into capable of get an architect to draw up some plans which depicted the style of building and how one of a kind units in the complicated could be constructed differently built to satisfy the precise needs of the proposed residents.

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