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What the New Federal Overtime Law Means for Staffing Firms

federal rules through its nature enacts large alternate and the fair labor requirements act (flsa) isn’t any exception. any law that redefines time beyond regulation exemptions and extends beyond regular time to 4.2 million people may have a potent effect on infinite corporations. but the new federal additional time law will effect the staffing industry in more equivocal methods, supplying challenges to firms nationwide. right here are the specifics of what your organization should expect when december 1st, 2016 rolls out.

an flsa review

as of may also 18th, revisions to the flsa have been signed into law, converting the exemption necessities for workers eligible to receive beyond regular time. the maximum threshold moved upward from $455 per week ($23,660 for a complete year of labor) to $913 per week ($47,476 for a complete year of labor). on jan. 1st 2020, there may be an automated threshold growth depending on the electricity of wage increase with next will increase every 3 years.

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the alternative two elements for personnel to qualify for extra time exemption have remained the equal. exempt personnel, further to being below the $47,476 threshold, want to additionally have:

1.) predetermined and fixed salaries that are not depending on the quality or quantity of labor.

2.) jobs in which their number one features are govt, administrative, or professional.

the cease end result is that a more quantity of each white collar and blue collar positions have become concern to beyond regular time regulations. that puts the staffing industry in a precarious and complicated region. allow’s wreck down the implications for internal personnel and any temporary people to your payroll.

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