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Listening Biases: How Influencers Unwittingly Restrict Possibilities

do you enter conversations with a aim, or set of expectancies? do you count on you will have answers for your communication partners (cps)? do you concentrate carefully to pose the exceptional questions to allow you to satisfy your expectancies? do you expect the responses to your questions offer an accurate representation of the entire truth pattern – ‘good’ statistics – to base your follow-on questions about? do you expect your history of comparable topics presents a route to an choicest outcome?

if any of the above are proper, you are biasing your verbal exchange.

· through entering conversations with assumptions and personal goals,

· and listening according to historical, subconscious, self-directed filters,

· you unwittingly direct conversations

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· to your range of expectations and familiarity

· and potentially leave out a more most efficient outcome.

in different words, your unconscious inhibits and biases top-quality effects. however it’s now not your fault.

our brains cause a gap among what is said and what’s heard

the most sudden takeaway from my year of studies for my ebook on remaining the space among what’s said and what’s heard become mastering how little of what we think we hear is independent, or even correct. indeed, it’s quite rare for us to hear precisely what another intends us to listen. yet that does not prevent us from translating what’s said into what we need to pay attention.

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